15 MILLION JOBLESS AMERICANS*.     450,304 H-1B  Visas Approved in 2009







* BLS Report






This site and its contributors have nothing against, and have every respect for, the peoples of all races, nationality, color and ethnicity.  In fact, this site wholly supports the intent of the original H-1B program:  To hire exceptional foreign talent with ‘advanced’ (masters and Ph.D.) degrees in technical positions where no American is truly able to fulfill the role, or be trained for the role.  However, the brazen replacement of highly educated, highly qualified Americans by cheap, inexperienced foreign labor has not only gotten out of hand, it has it has become pandemic, and poses a serious threat to U.S. national security.


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This paper provides a study of the effects of the 2,702,672 H-1B & PERM visas on the 1,600,000 American Engineer jobs, and relates how certain companies are using the H-1B Visa (and the effectively infinite supply of foreigners fighting for them) to suppress wages, supplant American Engineers, and ship America’ strategic technology advantages overseas.  The recently release 2009 Labor Condition Applications database, puts the number of FY2009 approved H-1B’s at 405,304.  Read it online here (264MB file!).  If you haven’t already lost your job to a foreigner, your wages have most certainly been cut down by the macro-economic effect of a wide-open door to billions of foreigners crawling over each other to take your job, your home and your livelihood.


The current H-1B program is a warped exploitation of the original H2-A visa created to temporarily bring Sheepherders to the USA beginning in the 1952.  This gradually morphed into a temporary worker visa program for multiple fields, as different industries realized the potential gold mine of cheap and indentured labor.

In 1990, George H.W. Bush expanded the ‘temporary immigrant worker’ program from 58,000/year to 140,000, with an extension of the 3 year term to 6 years.  The six year span enables H-1B’s to obtain a Green Card, which requires 5 years residency.   The obvious result being, that foreign workers in ultra-crowed, poverty stricken, corrupt and/or oppressive countries, would work like mad, to get a shot at becoming a citizen of the USA.  It is not an unprecedented effect:  many millions of Americans owe their heritage to immigrants who came over on similar indentured servitude programs.  However, those indentured-servant programs were shut down.  The H-1B program, with its restrictions and loop-holes, recreated a very similar same bondage relationship.

The immediate benefit to the companies was clear:  They could work these immigrants like indentured servants, for scraps, under the constant threat of expulsion – for 6 years or more!  There were several other benefits to the Tech Industries, realized from the long-term effects of the H-1B program: 


1.               With jobs limited, American engineers would have to undercut the foreigners in pay, and work longer hours.  Even with equal pay and equal hours worked between Americans and foreigners, many companies would prefer the foreigners, as they could easily jettison them at the end of the (probationary) H-1B term.  Long term result:  Engineering has become a dog-eat-dog occupation.

2.               As well, the foreigners would become increasingly indentured and servile, as their renewal term approached.    Long term result:  All engineers had to adopt servile attitudes towards their employer/owners.

3.               By basic Supply & Demand in free markets, the near infinite supply of workers willing to toil for near free, in sordid work-environments, basically pulls the plug on the entire engineering spectrum of wages.  Long-term result: Engineering wages have been essentially flat for the last decade – while companies’ revenues have skyrocketed – as a result of the phenomenal inventions of the engineers they harness.  An EE-Time article reports that H-1B computer engineers are paid 23.3% less than the BLS average.

4.               About 94% of H-1B immigrants are under 40 years old.  Given the above factors, this creates an incredible bias against older American engineers.  The discrimination borne out by this program, is reflected in statistics of lay-offs an unemployment spans, and re-hire wages (ie 13% lower than younger staff – according to the NRC, a pro-H1B organization).

5.               As these companies cycled through thousands of H-1Bs’ they would entice the ‘free-agent’ H-1Bs to return to their home-country, to setup a base for hiring and technology transfer.   As these bases matured, the company could completely ignore the H-1B visas and hire directly in the foreign country.  Then, if they wanted a particular person in the USA, they would simply use the unrestricted L-1 (intra-company transfer) visa.   The only reason these companies don’t move all of their operations overseas, is the obvious benefits of rule-of-law, infrastructure and conveniences seen in the USA – as a result of Americans dying to provide those benefits.

6.               America’s children are increasingly avoiding engineering fields.  What at one time brought pride in building and creating for America, now brings dread and aversion.  Seeing their parents laid-off, or hearing of the phenomenal work-loads, with little to no pay increases, America’s children are looking for H-1B-proof jobs, with less of a stigma of slave-labor.   This tendency is reported by various unbiased professors, responding to the concerns of their students.


Given these obvious macro-economic and flat-earth equalizing effects, it makes perfect business sense for companies to wail about their desperate need for ‘the best and the brightest’, while at the same time innocently and coyly professing to using a very small number themselves.  Their intent is obvious: Increase the supply of H-1B’s in order to depress wages, and turn all of America’s engineers into docile, meek servants. 


As Dr. Norm Matloff summarizes:


The bottom line is that the industry wants H-1Bs as a source of cheap, compliant workers who will gladly work 14-hour days.


Of course, the authorities and media will not be interested in H-1B abuse.  That’s why it took two high-school students to uncover a conspiracy of sex-slave trading using the H-1B visa to import young Indian girls.  This is just one of many horror stories. 





This thesis collects evidence that certain companies:


                             I.            Admit to firing Americans and almost immediately attempting to hire foreigners.

                        II.            Admit to using the H-1B Visa to suppress American Engineer’s wages.

                    III.            Admit to gaming the ‘temporary’ intent of H-1B by immediately applying for Green Cards.

                    IV.            Pool their massive resources in a cartel of lobbying companies to increase the flow of H-1B workers.

                         V.            Share wage and hiring practice information through the guise of industry ‘polls’.

                    VI.            Admit to hiring exclusively H-1B foreigners at many Universities, and exclusively H-1B grads.

                VII.            Admit to training foreigners with American technology, and then asking them to return home.

           VIII.            Blatantly deceive congress – i.e. claiming that any hi-tech skilled engineer is guaranteed a job.

                    IX.            Benefit from hundreds of millions in tax-breaks, while simultaneously firing 1000’s of Americans.

                         X.            Claim to only need a very small number of H-1B’s, while lobbying for 200,000 more per year.

                    XI.            Claim to only need a small number of H-1B’s, while petitioning to allow 75% H-1B staff.

                XII.            Have effectively lowered their H-1B visa wages since 2001, while massively increasing profits.

           XIII.            Aid and abet dictatorships in oppressing freedoms through enabling censorship and spying.

            XIV.            Admit to a total lack of patriotism towards U.S. Citizens in their hiring practices.

                XV.            Mislead the public about the true number of H-1B’s used in their engineering departments.

            XVI.            Admit to having a preference for young engineers, while predominantly firing older staff.




Many claim that business has gone global, competition is global, and thus hiring should be flat-earth global.  However, many of these U.S. companies forget that hundreds of thousands of American Citizens have died to provide them safe-haven for their successes.  While these (H-1B abusing) companies claim to represent America’s competitiveness, they are replacing Americans with cheap, indentured foreigners who have no allegiance to the United States.  In effect, many of these companies represent nothing but their share-holders.  Quite a few of the worst H-1B abusers are openly foreign leaning – with a significant majority of their staff based in foreign countries.   Such companies are only in America to gain from her business friendly environment, and the infrastructure and protections brought by multiple generations of American’s hard work and fair-play values.


The H-1B abuser’s disregard for American values is apparent in their preferences for foreigners over Americans.  While U.S. Citizens must have a perfectly clean legal record, must have excelled at 16 years or more of schooling, including U.S. history, civics and culture and language, and US men must at least sign up for the Selective Service – these companies are hiring foreigners of unknown background and allegiance.  In most of these developing countries, there is no trustworthy assimilation of background data on people.   The immigrants are often hired simply on the merit that they have a paper stating they have degree in engineering – regardless of its veracity, and regardless of their political leanings – be it communist, fascist, terrorists or Tibetan Monks.  Furthermore, there is very little regard for the immigrant’s English-language limitations, or their temptations to acquire U.S. intellectual property and take it overseas.  Although this appears Xenophobic, these truths remain.  The H-1B program does absolutely nothing to honor Americans for their service and citizenship, and does nothing to protect America’s intellectual assets.  In fact, it is called the ‘outsourcing visa’, but should be called the IP exporting visa.


The following thesis presents the sources supporting and motivating these statements, as well as other evidence regarding the Anti-American nature of (the current form of) the H-1B visa program in general.  Although grave damage has been done to the American Engineer, and to the allure of engineering in general to American students – who see wages falling and their parents getting replaced, it is hoped that the concerned reader will consider the proposals by


Senators Durbin and Grassley:


The H-1B visa program should complement the U.S. workforce, not replace it,” Durbin said.  “Congress created the H-1B visa program so an employer could hire a foreign guest-worker when a qualified American worker could not be found. However, the H-1B visa program is plagued with fraud and abuse and is now a vehicle for outsourcing that deprives qualified American workers of their jobs.  Our bill will put a stop to the outsourcing of American jobs and discrimination against American workers.


If you are motivated to protect America’s native engineering base, please contact Senator Durbin, or Senator Grassley, or sign up at the Programmer’s Guild.